E-commerce pdf

E-commerce pdf

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 e-Commerce pdf

                                                                                     course material and training.

E-Commerce or Electronics Commerce is a methodology of modern business which addresses the need of business organizations. This reference will take you through simple and practical approach while learning e commerce principles.e commerce pdf books

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Table of Contents

E-Commerce Tutorial

Copyright & Disclaimer Notice
E-Commerce Overview
Traditional Commerce v/s E-Commerce training
Advantages to Customers
Advantages to Society
Technical Disadvantages
Non-Technical Disadvantages
Business Model
Business – to – Business (B2B)
Business – to – Consumer (B2C)
Consumer – to – Consumer (C2C)
Consumer – to – Business (C2B)
Business – to – Government (B2G)
Government – to – Business (G2B)
Government – to – Citizen (G2C)
Payment Systems
Credit Card
Credit card payment process
Debit Card
Smart Card
Electronic Fund Transfer
Security Systems
Measures to ensure Security
Security Protocols in Internet
Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPs)
Secure Electronic Transaction
B2B Business Model
Key technologies
Architectural Models
B2C Business Model
Consumer Shopping Procedure
Disintermediation and Reintermediation
EDI Documents
Steps in an EDI System
Advantages of an EDI System
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Introduction to E-commerce

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The Revolution Is Just Beginning
E commerce Business Models and

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After reading this chapter, you will be able to:
■ Define e-commerce and describe how it differs from e-business.
■ Identify and describe the unique features of e-commerce technology and
discuss their business significance.
■ Describe the major types of e-commerce.
■ Discuss the origins and growth of e-commerce.
■ Understand the vision and forces operating during the first five years of
e-commerce tutorial pdf, and assess its successes, surprises, and failures.
■ Identify several factors that will define the next five years of e-commerce.
■ Describe the major themes underlying the study of e-commerce.
■ Identify the major academic disciplines contributing to e-commerce research.

 E-Commerce pdf