Vb.net tutorial pdf


Vb.net tutorial pdf

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Data structures and algorithms using VB.NET

Download free pdf Data structures and algorithms using Visual Basic .NET course material and training.

This is the first Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) book to provide a comprehensive discussion of the major data structures and algorithms  examples . Here, instead of having to translate material on C++ or Java, the professional or student VB.NET programmer will find a tutorial on how to use data structures and algorithms and a reference for implementation using VB.NET for data structures and algorithms from the .NET Framework Class Library as well as those that must be developed by the programmer. In an object-oriented fashion, the author presents arrays and ArrayLists, linked lists, hash tables, dictionaries, trees, graphs, and sorting and searching as well as more advanced algorithms, such as probabilistic algorithms and dynamic programming. His approach is very practical, for example using timing tests rather than Big O analysis to compare the performance of data structures and algorithms. This book can be used in both beginning and advanced computer programming courses that use the VB.NET language and, most importantly, by the professional Visual Basic programmer.

Level :1
Size :
File type : PDF
Pages :
Author :

  • Introduction
  • Collections
  • Arrays and ArrayLists
  • Basic Sorting Algorithms
  • Basic Searching Algorithms
  • Stacks and Queues
  • The BitArray Class
  • Strings, the String Class, and the StringBuilder Class
  • Pattern Matching and Text Processing
  • Building Dictionaries: The DictionaryBase Class and the SortedList Class
  • Hashing and the HashTable Class
  • Linked Lists
  • Binary Trees and Binary Search Trees
  • Sets
  • Advanced Sorting Algorithms
  • Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms for Searching
  • Graphs and Graph Algorithms
  • Advanced Algorithms
Introduction to Visual Basic.NET

Download free pdf a Introduction to Visual Basic.NET free course material and training.

The Procedural Programming Approach to Programming We will begin this course with a brief discussion of the programming methodologies that you are most likely accustom to in your previous Visual Basics.Net introductory courses.
Programming as it was done in the past and still being done today in many cases is based on the Event-Driven and Procedural Programming approach.
 These methods of programming are based on what’s known as Structured Programming. Structure programming has been the traditional way of programming.

Level :1
Size :
File type : PDF
Pages :
Author :

    • Understanding Object-Oriented Programming
    • Components of an Object-Oriented Program
    • Object-Oriented Analysis, Design & Programming
    • Microsoft .NET Framework and Visual Studio.NET
    • The Visual Studio.NET Environment & Visual Basics.NET
    • Visual Basics Modes, Error Types & Other Concepts
    • Visual Basic Debugging Tool
    • Putting it All Together
    • Sample Programs
OOP in Visual Basic .NET

Download free pdf Object-Oriented Programming in Visual Basic .NET course material and training.

This lesson describes how to create classes in Visual Basic .NET. Students will learn how to declare methods and properties, and how to overload class members. When you introduce students to class constructors and destructors, including multiple constructors, point out that the Finalize method should only be used when resources need to be manually reclaimed (such as database connections) because this method adds overhead to the disposing of objects.Some of this lesson contains simple tasks such as how to create classes and methods. Cover these areas quickly so that more time can be spent on new features, such as the syntax for defining properties and constructors.

Level :1
Size :
File type : PDF
Pages :
Author :

  • Overview
  • Defining Classes
  • Creating and Destroying Objects
  • Demonstration: Creating Classes
  • Lab 5.1: Creating the Customer Class
  • Inheritance
  • Demonstration: Inheritance
  • Interfaces
  • Demonstration: Interfaces and Polymorphism
  • Working with Classes
  • Lab 5.2: Inheriting the Package Class
  • Review