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Download free pdf graphics (Adobe photoshop CS6 tutorial, Illustrator Photoshop InDesign Basics, Introduction to digital imaging, gimp) courses material and training
Adobe photoshop tutorial

Download free pdf adobe photoshop tutorial course material and training.

Adobe Photoshop is a popular
image editing software that provides a work environment consistent with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe ImageReady, and other products in the Adobe Creative Suite. This tutorial is an introduction to using Adobe Photoshop. Here you will learn how to get started, how to use the interface, and how to modify images with basic Photoshop tools.

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  • Section 1: Getting Started
  • Section 2: Interface Layout
  • Section 3: Palettes
  • Section 4: Toolbox
  • Section 5: Selection Tools
  • Section 6: Alteration Tools
  • Section 7: Drawing and Selection Tools
  • Section 8: Assisting Tools
  • Section 9: Color Boxes and Modes
  • Section 10: Basic Image Editing
  • Section 11: Cropping
  • Section 12: Resizing
  • Section 13: Correcting
  • Section 14: Sharpening/Softening
  • Section 15: Saving
Introduction to digital imaging

Download free pdf Introduction to digital imaging using Photoshop course material and training.

There is little doubt that the use of digital images in learning, teaching and research projects is growing. Typical uses include: supporting lectures and other presentations; creating Web Based instruction and creating digital image archives. Another advantage of digital images is that they can be delivered on a variety of supports: PowerPoint, Web, image database, CDROM and print. It is therefore important to be familiar with image digitisation processes in order to obtain images that are ‘fit for purpose’. This document shows you how to apply image enhancement techniques using Adobe Photoshop CS2.

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  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • Colour management
  • Getting started
  • Cropping and correcting perspective problems
  • Adjusting overall tone and colour
  • Sharpening an image
  • Resampling an image
  • Optimising an image to a suitable format
  • Retouching a damaged photograph
  • Working with selections
  • Blending images
  • Working with text layers
An Introduction to 3D Computer Graphics

Download free pdf An Introduction to 3D Computer Graphics course material and training.

These notes are intended to explain the basics of the Render Man system by providing a series of examples of its use in the Macintosh environment. Although a number of exercises and projects have been included they will only be effective when used by those who wish to explore and experiment with the Render Man system. I wish to acknowledge the support I received from PIXAR, especially in graciously providing several pre-release versions of their photo-realistic renderer that was being ported to the new RISC based Power-Macintosh computers at the time that I was preparing this booklet for teaching undergraduate students of graphic design the principles of 3D computer graphics.

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  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
  • Transformations
  • Shading – the basics
  • Shaping Up – Library Objects and Polygons
  • An Improved Camera
  • Animation
  • Basic Lighting
  • Advanced lighting – Casting Shadows
  • Importing Fragments