Microsoft Outlook Advanced


Download free pdf Microsoft Outlook Advanced course material and tutorial training.

  • Table of Contents

    • The Basics

    • Time Slots

    • Appointment Slots

    • Using the Date Navigator

    • Viewing the Calendar

    • Creating a New Appointment

    • Recurring Appointments

    • Meeting Requests

    • Creating a basic meeting request

    • Creating New Contacts

    • Drag and Drop

    • Creating New Tasks

    • Creating Folders

    • Adding a rule in Outlook

    • Sharing Mail and Calendars

    • Setting up permission for a user to access Outlook on your behalf

    • Setting up permission for specific folders or features in Outlook

    • Viewing folders and tasks which have had permissions granted on them

    • Viewing a folder or calendar on an ‘as needs basis’

    • Removing someone’s folder from your mailbox

    • What is ‘Junk Mail’?

    • Blocked Senders List

    • More about Safe Senders


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