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Download free many courses in various areas, Computer networks, computer programming, web programming, database, design and analysis, office, the operating system, computer engineering, and computer security…courses materials and trainings.

Office (MS Word, Ms Excel Tutorial, Powerpoint, LibreOffice,Writer, Calc, Microsoft publisher, EndNote X7…)

Computer architecture (hardware, X86 Disassembly, Evolution of Computer Systems, Microprocessors, Machine language …)

Operatings Systems (Linux Fundamentals, Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial, Mac OS X Help Desk Essentia, MS-dos,android…etc)

Design and analysis (UML, Merise, topcased 2.5 UML, Argo UML Tool Tutorial, Java and UML2 …etc)

Databases (Access, SQL server, Oracle, MySQL Cluster Tutorial, Postgresql, DB2, Db4o… etc)

Programming (Algorithmics, pascal , C/C++, Java, C#, Java for Python, Eclipse C++, OOP in Visual Basic .NET, Framework…etc)

Networking (Protocoles, Cisco, CCNA, Routing, Firewall, L2VPN, IPv6 & DNS: DNSv6 ,IP Addressing, Network Topologies and LAN Design … etc)

Web programming (HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, JS, XHTML, JQuery Notes, D3js, Essential Javascript…)

Computer security (wifi, cracking and hacking, The Basics of Cryptography, Protecting Your Wireless Network, Cyber-safety Basics, Science of Cyber-Security… etc)

Graphics (3D, Photoshop, illustrator, Digital imaging, Gimp, Adobe Illustrator CS6, Creative image , Scanning and optimising images … etc)