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Download free many language computer courses materials and tutorials, computer basics. office, database, Computer networks, web programming, Graphic, operating system, design and analysis, computer programming, computer engineering, computer architecture and computer security… and Other courses in various areas, MLM network marketing, e commerce tutorial … Feel free to download our it tutorials and guide documents and learn the joy of free learning on various files format (PDF, DOC,PPT,ZIP)

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( LibreOffice, Writer, Calc, Microsoft publisher, Taming Apache, Microsoft Outlook Advanced, MS Outlook 2007 A Beginners Guide…)

                   Word  ( MS Word 2010 Tutorial,  EndNote X7 (Word 2013), Microsoft Word 2010 Tutorial, Word 2010 Training, Microsoft Word 2007, Advanced Word 2013,  Advanced Microsoft Word 2011 for MAC…)

                  Excel  ( Ms Excel Tutorial,  Excel Analytics and Programming, Microsoft Excel  2007 Advanced, Excel 2007 Data & Statistics, Excel 2010 Advanced, Excel 2013 Quick Start, Microsoft Excel 2013 Tutorial…)

                 Powerpoint  ( Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, Microsoft PowerPoint 2010  advanced, Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, Working with Video in PowerPoint 2013, Microsoft PowerPoint 2003…)


( Access Database Design, Oracle/SQL server, Postgresql, DB2, Db4o tutorial, RedBrick Teradata, MySQL Cluster Tutorial, Basic and Advanced Database, Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals …)

Design and analysis

( Designing your database, Argo UML Tool Tutorial, Java and UML2, Design and UML Class Diagrams, Unified Modeling Language 2.0, Topcased 2.5 UML, Merise, Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis (C++) …)

Computer security

( A course in Cryptography, The Basics of Cryptography, Protecting Your Wireless Network, Cyber-safety Basics, Science of Cyber-Security, Cracking and hacking, Wi-Fi security – WEP, WPA and WPA2  ..)


( Networking Fundamentals, Basic Networking Tutorial, Basic Network Concepts, IP Addressing and Subnetting, Cisco, Internet Protocols, CCNA, Routing, Firewall, L2VPN, IPv6 & DNS: DNSv6, 802.11 WLAN Systems, Network Topologies and LAN Design  …)


( Adobe photoshop/CS6 tutorial, Digital imaging, Gimp, Adobe Illustrator CS6, Adobe InDesign CS6, An Introduction to 3D Computer Graphics, Scanning and optimising images Photoshop, Creative image manipulation Photoshop, Designing Real-Time 3D Graphics…)

Computer Programming

(  Programming in Java, A Crash Course from C++ to Java, C++ for statisticians I, Java Collections Framework, Java for Python Programmers, Eclipse: C/C++ Programming and Fortran, Pascal, Algorithmics, C/C++ Essentials, C#  …)

                 Visual Basic language (VB)  ( VB.NET Tutorial for Beginners, OOP in Visual Basic .NET, Portable Visual Basic.NET, Data structures and algorithms using VB.NET, Introduction to VB.NET manual…)

                 Java language  ( A Crash Course from C++ to Java, OO Programming using  Java, Serialization in Java (Binary and XML), A Tutorial on Socket Programming in Java, Java Threads, The Snake Game Java Case Study.)

                   C-C++ language  ( C Language Tutorial, C++ Essentials, OOP Using C++, Pointers and arrays in C language,  C++ Mini-Course, A short course on C++, Using C++ with NetBeans, A Crash Course in C++Visual C++ 2012 Tutorial, Visual C++ 2010 Tutorial, C++ Programming Tutorial…)

                 CSharp language   ( C# Programming Tutorial, C# School, C# .NET Crash Course, Introduction to C#, OOP in C# language, Beginners Guide to C# and the .NET, Introduction to Visual Studio and C#, Thinking in C# I…)

Web Programming

( PHP Programming, PHP Crash course,   Responsive Web Design in APEX, ASP.NET Web Programming, The Entity Framework and ASP.NET, Essential Javascript, JQuery Notes, D3js, Javascript course pdf…)

 PHP language  Introduction to PHP5 with MySQL, PHP for dynamic web pages, Using MySQL with PDO, Writing MySQL Scripts with PHP and PDO, PHP 5 Classes and Objects, PHP – Advanced Tutorial…)

                    HTML language  ( XHTML Tutorial, HTML a Crash Course, Creating web pages in XHTML, XHTML Tutorial, Basic HTML elements: Quick Reference, A Guide to HTML5 and CSS3…)

                    CSS Language  ( Basic CSS, Cascading style sheets (CSS), Responsive Web Design, Responsive Web Design in APEX, CSS Crash Course, Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets…)

                   JavaScript language  ( JS Functions, Objects, and Arrays, Javascript course pdf, Essential Javascript, JavaScript: A Crash Course, D3.js in Action, AngularJS Fundamentals in 60 Minutes…)

                   ASP Language  ( The Entity Framework and ASP.NET, ASP.Net for beginner, Introduction to ASP.NET Web Development, ASP.NET and Web Programming,  Getting started with MVC3 …)

Computer architecture

( Basic Computer Organization & Design, Register transfer & Microoperations, Evolution of Computer Systems, Introduction to the AVR Assembly Language, X86 Disassembly, Hardware, Basic mamachine language thematics, Digital coding, Microprocessors, Machine language…)

Operating systems

( Microsoft Windows 7/8 Advanced,  OS X Lion Server Essentials, AppleScript Language Guide, Basic Computing Using Windows, MS-dos, Introduction to android …)

                  Microsoft Windows  ( Introduction to Windows 7, Basic Computing Using Windows, Microsoft Windows 7 Intermediate, Windows 8 Forensic Guide, Windows 8 Essentials, Microsoft Windows 7 Advanced…)

                  Unix-linux OS  ( Beginners: Learn Linux, Linux System Administration, LPI Certification Level 1, Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial, Introduction to Linux, Linux Basics,  Linux Command Shell, Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide…)

                  Mac Os  ( Mac OS X Help Desk Essentials, MacOS X for ITSS Short Course, Introduction to Mac OS X, OS X Lion Server Essentials, AppleScript Language Guide,  A Crash Course in OS X…)

Other courses 

MLM network marketing

( Free mlm training pdf, What is mlm, Top network marketing companies in the world, MLM plans and schemes of pyramid selling overview, Working definition of key terms,  Disclosure requirements, Written opinions, … )


 ( e commerce tutorial pdf, What is e-commerce, E-Commerce Overview, Traditional Commerce v/s E-Commerce, E-Commerce advantages/Disadvantages , Business Model, Payment Systems, Security Systems, B2B Business Model, B2C Business Model, EDI…  )