Argo UML Tool Tutorial


This tutorial takes you through the development of use case diagrams and class
diagrams for the video rental store example.

Develop a software system to support a video rental store. The system should automate the process of renting tapes and having tapes returned by borrowers. Calculation of all charges concerning rental will be automated by the system, including extra charges for overdue items. The rental may be charged in advance, when the tape is rented, or it may be charged when the tape is returned. Borrowers are known to the system by a unique identifier read from a bar code on their membership card. The borrower’s card identifies them as having a particular class of membership, which may restrict the number of videos they mare allowed to borrow simultaneously, or prevent them borrowing videos that have a particular censorship rating. The video tapes are also uniquely identified by a bar code. Bar codes are read with a laser scanner. There may be multiple copies of any video title, but each will have a different bar code. Tapes also have a running time, a price code, and a rating imposed
by the local authorities that affects the age of person allowed to rent that tape. The system must allow for tapes to be added and removed from the shop’s stock. Customers must be able to change their name and address details. Staff must be able to find out if a title is available or if all copies are on loan.

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  • Introduction
  • Example
  • Use Case Diagrams
  • Class Diagrams
  • Class Attributes
  • Class Operations
  • Multiple Diagrams
  • To Do Items
  • Collaboration Diagrams
  • Activity Diagrams
  • State Diagrams
  • Sequence Diagrams